Manchester Museum, 2014



A performance installation in Manchester Museum, in conjunction with Sarah Punshon and People United.

Through workshops with museum staff and visitors, we created a performance taking over the entire museum, featuring over 120 performers and five choirs. Visitors to the museum were astonished by a pop-up song cycle celebrating the many histories and futures gathered together in the museum. 

Somehow, everything in the history of the universe has led to us gathered together, here, singing these songs about everything in the history of the universe. What an incredible and joyous thought. Empowered by that realisation, what might we achieve together next? Because knowledge is a tool, but it’s not what you know, it’s what you do.

Commissioned by People United and Manchester Museum
Performed in Manchester Museum in November 2014.
Created with Sarah Punshon, Josh Coates, the staff of Manchester Museum and the people of Manchester
Featuring Ordsall A Capella, Golden Voices, the Schools Network Choir, SHE and the voices of many others.

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